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Posted by TristanTait - February 27th, 2021

Mortimer: Beast Hunter now has a website!


So I finally got around to compiling all of the game pages so far into one place. Now you can catch up on the story before playing along!


For those who have yet to see it, Mortimer: Beast Hunter is an online interactive story that plays out episode by episode through my Patreon where players vote on every move we make to help decide where the story goes!

Higher tier players can also take full (unprompted) control and force Mortimer to interact with anything or anyone in ANY way they like - this has led to us discovering new weapons and and collecting items, getting in fights and making new friends...

Check the website to catch up on the story so far and then join in and help make Mortimer into the greatest hero of Aleborn! Or the biggest joke .. I guess that's up to YOU!

Also, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve this and make it more fun, so if you have any suggestions or ideas at all, I'd love to hear them!



Posted by TristanTait - November 30th, 2020

Just as a little thanks for the support so far, I've put up a high res version of this Creepy Santa for ALL my Patrons to download and enjoy!

Feel free to print it out and make it into christmas cards or whack it on a shirt or anything else you want (non commercial use only), have fun and get weird!



There will be another 'Scribbles' tier Patrons only high res download going up in the next few days as well, as soon as I can decide on which will be the best to upload. Waluigi? One of the Rick and Morty pieces? Pokemon? I'm not sure yet .. what would you prefer?

Thanks everyone!



Posted by TristanTait - August 15th, 2020

Do you like games? Do you like fantasy? Do you have a god complex?? Then this is for you!

I've just launched my new Patreon... with a twist! Introducing .....

Mortimer: Beast Hunter!

An open world RPG, choose your own adventure, picture book .. thing...

YOU are Mortimer! The Greatest Beast Hunter in all of Varsk!

 After being swallowed whole and eventually fighting your way out from the inside of a giant sloppy seabeast, you find you've travelled far from your home in Varsk, across the seas and arrived in the land of Aleborn, and they have no idea who you are(!?)... This just isn't good enough. What do you do from here though? 

Well that’s entirely up to you! Take part in this open world RPG, choose your own adventure, picture book… thing… and help to build the legend of Mortimer, Beast Hunter! Will he become the greatest hero known to man, or the biggest laughing stock of Aleborn?

Starting out with just your bare hands and your trusty (and very fashionable) Gut Sack, you will go on quests, make friends and enemies, collect items , maps and different weapons and carve out your name in history! (Or on the side of the tavern tables…)

Each tier on the Patreon will give you access to different levels of control over the story, from a multiple choice vote at the end of every page to making entirely unprompted suggestions to have written into each scene. Equip different items and weapons from your Gut Sack to assist in your actions and have fun!

There's also a dedicated art tier for those interested in colouring in pages, high res art files, character sketches, tutorials and timelapse videos. Check the PATREON link for more info!






Posted by TristanTait - November 21st, 2018

Just in time for Christmas, I've added a whole new bunch of prints to my store! There's all the Pokemon artworks, Venom, Adventure Time, Rick and Morty, The Joker and heaps more!
Head over to https://tristantaitillustrations.bigcartel.com/ and take a look around 

Also, for the next couple of weeks only, I'm offering 20% off everything in the store! Just use the code "HOHOHO" to get your discount. 
-Worldwide Shipping available-



Posted by TristanTait - March 20th, 2018

So after a successful run at GammaCon last weekend, I've just come back home and updated my store with all of the leftover prints. There's characters from Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, Super Mario Bros, Earthworm Jim, Pokemon .... heaps to choose from, even an original ink painting of Batman if you like something a little more exclusive.

Check out my store and have a look around, see what you like!
-International shipping available-


Posted by TristanTait - January 12th, 2018

Hey hey everybody! 
So Newgrounds eh.... one of those sites I'm always on playing games and checking out art and videos, but never got around to making a proper account on. So, here I am... making a real life account!

I'm an artist and I've recently started up doing live streams on Twitch. My goal on each stream is to try and create a new artwork for every sitting, start to finish and since I can't stream work stuff live, I've been mostly creating my own twisted versions of different characters.

I think you guys here might actually like them, so I'm going to start uploading them to Newgrounds as I go along. Feel free to say hi and make any suggestions. Always cool to meet new people :)